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 “Mick Pushes Me beyond My Perceived Limits”

“I have been training with Mick for over 3 months and I have lost weight and feel fitter and stronger. The most surprising thing is that I am actually enjoying the training sessions!! Each session is very varied and Mick pushes me beyond my perceived limits. There might yet be an athlete in me that I never knew existed!! I would thoroughly recommend Mick as a personal trainer - he is very professional and knowledgeable and he makes the workouts fun and varied.”

Lisa K

 “Great Results” 

“I'm a busy mum of 2 young boys, I wasn't eating properly, and moving up and up dress sizes. Cue Mick. Mick is friendly, fun, enthusiastic, and focussed. He fitted straight into my schedule, coming to my home at a time that suited me - normally when the baby was sleeping, however we did have a session or two with my toddler snacking in his high chair. And I have been to Mick's own gym so there’s plenty of options.
“Straight away, Mick identified I wasn't breathing correctly when exercising, and we rectified this on the first session. Sessions vary each time. If you want to work on a particular area, he will tailor the exercises to this. I had full body workouts, tough but you are so motivated when you compare how you have improved from the first session.
“I have toned up considerably, am fitter, and have loads of energy. Post-session, you are on such a high, improving mental health too. Fantastic results, thanks Mick. I will def be booking further sessions in the future, maybe introduce me to running?”
Rosemary R-14

 “Investing in My Health is Money Well-Spent”

" Nearing 40 and my sedentary lifestyle was taking over - I was slipping into old bad student habits. I recently decided to change and make badly needed lifestyle changes. Enter Mick! I have been training with Mick for just over 6 weeks and have noticed a number of positive body changes...already! Not only that, my friends and family have too. Two sessions a week, and with correct diet advice from Mick, I have been able to make those changes needed for a better lifestyle.

“I don't like working out, but sessions with Mick are both structured, well-focused, and fun. They do always make me feel better. Mick doesn't let me talk too much as it deflects attention from me, clever man! Mick always arrives on time at my home with his mobile gym, including music. Ever enthusiastic and bouncing with energy, he frequently gets involved which I find a great motivational tool. In the 6 weeks with Mick, I feel slimmer, stronger, and, with those all important dietary changes, healthier too. I'm so happy with things and am looking to do 3 sessions a week. Money very well spent investing in my health."
Review on Google by Mr M. M
5-Star Review on Facebook

 “Really Enjoying the Variety during the Sessions”

"I'm halfway through a great value 12-session package with Mick and I am really noticing the results. I'm feeling fitter, leaner, and healthier and I'm really enjoying the variety during the sessions. Mick starts at your level and builds you up, helping you go a little bit further each time to achieve the results you're after!”
Robert M
5-Star Review on Facebook

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 “Results Already”

“Halfway through a 6-week programme. I was chronically unfit over 23 stone, hated exercise, never was sporty, and was seriously unwell at the start of February (life threateningly so). Expected to hate the training but saw it as a necessary evil, surprised when despite it being challenging and hard work, I really enjoyed the sessions.

“Mick mixed up the training, modifying it to my abilities, adapting exercises when I was unable to do them, still targeting the same muscle groups but enabling me to gain strength and flexibility. Meaning despite being only 3 weeks in feel stronger, more flexible, and I have already decided to continue on with 1-on-1 training once 6 weeks is up.
“Mick pushes me but not in a bad, over-aggressive, ‘macho’ way, he pays attention, and gives great advice for exercise novices like me. Helps with advice around exercise routines, equipment, and levels of exertion, I am happy to encourage anyone trying to get fit or make changes in their lifestyle to give him a try.”
4 Jul 2016

 “HAMMER FITNESS NI - Without the hammering!”

“I did a 6 week course with Mick and couldn't recommend it enough. Mick was brilliant at motivating and inspiring me. He came to the house and was very flexible with my shift work and two young kids. He was always enthusiastic and really encouraged me to keep going. He kept in touch throughout the week with different suggestions for meal plans etc. Overall, I feel much fitter, stronger, I've lost weight, and feel back in control of my fitness. Thank you!"

Jude Smyth - 5 Star review on Facebook on 21st September 2017