Take a look at the reviews below to see why I am the right choice for quality personal training in County Down.

Munira Faleh recommends Hammer Fitness NI. (Online Zoom Sessions to Saudi Arabia)
12 June at 22:46 (Facebook/Google/Yell.com)

What I love about coach Mick is that he can work with anyone and anything. I don’t have the best equipment there is but he can always create a way to make it one. His sessions are fun because they are always different. This makes me looking forward to our next session every time to see what’s gonna happen. I love how passionate and enthusiastic he is and how it reflects on me. He knows how to push your limits to do better and keep improving yourself. I definitely recommend Hammer Fitness NI to everyone.

Chris Eardley recommends Hammer Fitness NI.
11 April at 07:37 · 2020 on Facebook

Absolutely brilliant! 💥 a true professional with focus on stretching and a warm up to start. Oh, the warm up! The first time the warm up maybe considered enough 😂 I am on my 3rd session only and I’m already seeing improvements in my fitness levels! Thanks Mick! Looking forward to next weeks training sessions 💥

Bryan Duignan recommends Hammer Fitness NI.
7 April at 20:29 · 2020 on Facebook

I've been training with Mic for over 3 years or so now and he has been unbelievably accommodating and welcoming. He is able to tailor his classes to everyone regardless of fitness level or ability. I recently joined in on a zoom class he is hosting (because of covid-19) and was surprised at how well it went. I can't wait for the next session. I would recommend these classes to everyone; young, old, fit or just starting out. Don't be afraid, give it a go. Don't think you can, know you can! 💪

Paula Gibney recommends Hammer Fitness NI.
5 March · 2020 on Facebook

I have completed 12 sessions of 121 with Mick and can say they were all great 😁 Mick is quick to see how much he can push you and knows what you are capability of even if you don’t know yourself (20kg plank hold for 2mins 💪) and that was by week 6 😱... great knowledge and I’ve learnt so much from him! If you’re wanting to get strong, get fit, lose weight then defo get in touch with Mick!

Ryan Green recommends Hammer Fitness NI.
12 February · 2020 on Facebook

I have just completed six weeks with Hammer Fitness NI Boxanity class at the Leisure Centre in Ballynahinch.
I took this on as a new year resolution to get myself reasonably fit. The one hour works outs have been fun and challenging. Mick explains and demonstrates all elements of the class to a high level while pushing you on each week as you improve.
The benefits of this personally have been great for not just strength and fitness but dealing with stress.

Don’t be embarrassed to lift the lightest weights at the start for a couple of weeks.

Jacob Thompson recommends Hammer Fitness NI.

11 February ·  2020 on Facebook
I found out about Hammer Fitness NI through word of mouth, and have been going ever since!. The atmosphere is welcoming, people of all fitness levels attend.
The sessions Mick provides are stimulating and relative to your skill, any exercise you are unsure of Mick will patiently and thoroughly explain until you are confident you can perform them.
I travel weekly from Belfast to Ballynahinch for the class and I love it, for the people, the challenge and the results.
Mick is a fantastic trainer and knows your limits and when you are able to achieve more. I can happily recommend Hammer Fitness NI to anyone starting their fitness journey or those currently on it!

Lynne Berry recommends Hammer Fitness NI. Review on facebook. 04.02.2020

I have been working with Mick for 4 weeks of the Silverfix plan now and feel compelled to write an early review. The plan is fantastic as it provides you with home video workouts to do at your own pace and fit in when you. The one 2 one sessions are challenging but fun. Mick talks a lot which makes time fly. It is fair to say I started this with no fitness whatsoever but Mick changes the sessions up to allow me to feel like I'm achieving goals. I always feel great even if a little exhausted and sore after meeting up with him. my goal is to lose weight and sort out my unhealthy relationship with food. I have started to lose weight and feel like I'm making a good start on being healthy with the added bonus of losing a few pounds. What you will get from Mick is a big dose of encouragement and the feeling that someone wants this as much as you do. In turn you want to complete the weekly workouts not just for you but for him too! He is definitely passionate about his trade and wants to bring the healthy body and mind concept to everyone. I was unable to complete last weeks workouts and plan in general due to a family bereavement yet I didn't put any weight on. Believe me when I say this is an amazing achievement for me. I know what Mick and I are doing together is 100% working. As long as you put the effort in and are honest with yourself this plan will work for everyone! 

I will update in 8 weeks, hopefully slimmer and healthier than I've been for years.
I would recommend Mick highly, he is good natured, fun and approachable. He will advise anyway he can to make things doable for you that will still work. One more thing..watch out for his greasy poles 😆
Hammer Fitness NI Lynne thank you for this wonderful & honest review, my greasy poles will be here eagerly awaiting your return to the programme! (smith machine bench press poles that is!!) 🤪 🏋️‍ Keep with it Madam & let's get the results you deserve! Br Mick PTI

Hammer Fitness NI - 5.0 (30 Ratings) Online SilverFix Plan - Excellent Results!!!! EileenG-39 - 11th September 2019

I recently completed Hammer Fitness NI’s Online SilverFix Plan. Using the TrainerizeMe App Mick devised a series of workouts (with easy to follow videos) tailored to my needs as well as nutrition and dieting advice. Using this online plan gave me total flexibility and as a result I upped my sessions to 4 a week with no pressure on my schedule. Mick was consistently available online to motivate and support me and he also completed a Skype chat once a week to answer any questions I had or to adapt the workouts if required. The results speak for themselves as I have lost over 1.5 stones and toned up considerably. I am much fitter and healthier than I have ever been and I’m looking forward to my next Online package with Hammer Fitness NI!

Cannot recommend Hammer Fitness NI highly enough. I have recently used the Golden Fix Plan online package and it's been fantastic! Real results and so easy to follow. Even when you require some small pieces of equipment it's still really reasonable and worth it! It's a total body workout leaving you feeling fitter and stronger than ever. Thank you Mick! Definitely 5 star+++++ rating!

Sarah Rowlands - Online PT Client "GoldenFix" Plan - 3rd September 2019 

Hammer Fitness NI
5.0 - GwY - 04/09/2019
(29 Ratings) Use Hammer Fitness. 

I have been using Hammer Fitness for about 6 months now. During that time I have lost weight and have gained fitness and am able to do more each session both of which were my goals. I have a chronic injury and Mick is happy to change the session to suit my needs and how my injury feels whilst still pushing me to my potential. Having the ability to train in different locations is helpful as some nights it suits me to go to him and others it suits me for him to come to me. I would recommend using Hammer Fitness if you have fitness goals that you want to meet, just be willing to work as Mick pushes you to meet them.

“Fun and Effective Tailored Personal Training”

"Hammer Fitness. Fun and effective tailored personal training. Hammer Fitness is personified by ex boxer Mick O'Connell, who trains you at home, bringing all equipment with him. Mick trains myself and my wife, both aged 53. We are naturally reluctant exercisers and would lack motivation to work out alone.
The sessions start with a warm up, then about 10 minutes of stretching, followed by a variety of HIT, conditioning and strength exercises. There is quite a bit of boxing, reflecting Mick's background as a Commonwealth medallist.
The session plays out to a background of music - we usually select 80's remixes though there's plenty of choice, and not a little of Mick whittering away in the background, some of which consists of interesting anecdotes of his past exploits. Anyway, the time flies in.
We have noticed an improvement in fitness and endurance, enjoying this year's ski holiday considerably more as a result.

Mick is the third personal trainer we have had, and is the best by some way. We would recommend him unreservedly."

Mark Love - 5th April 2018

“Great Iindividualised training program

“Great individualised training program to suit my specific strength and fitness goals. Mick ensured I got maximum benefit out of each session, knowing how far to push me whilst recovering from a sports injury. Thank you!”

Sorcha R

 “I Can’t Rate and Recommend Mick Highly Enough” 

“I can’t rate and recommend Mick highly enough, my Mum had been seeking to begin so form of exercise but didn’t have the confidence & motivation to attend a gym, classes etc. The service Mick provides as a PT coming to the house has been invaluable! My Mum is feeling good & healthy thanks to the exercise & motivation Mick has delivered.... my Mum now looks forward to each class!!! It’s a first class service”

Noel Gourley - 5 Star Review - 8th March 2018

 “Highly Recommend”

"Both myself and my wife have been having a few sessions with Mick over the last couple of months. We’re both fairly lazy people with plenty of excuses not to exercise, but having Mick come round to our house to whip us into shape is just what we needed and does away with all the excuses not to train. Mick works around our schedule even at silly o’clock in the morning, we’ve both lost weight, feeling fitter, stronger and healthier. Highly recommend."

Mick Padgett

 “I Would Highly Recommend as a PT”

"Have really enjoyed my sessions over the last few months and have seen great results. I’m feeling fitter, healthier and have even lost weight! Mick is enthusiastic, reliable and encouraging. He will do the exercise alongside you or distract you with conversation! No two sessions are the same but each definitely works every muscle! Mick will do his best to fit sessions in around what suits me. I would highly recommend as a PT.”

Rachael Reilly - 5 Star Review - 30 November 2017

“Hammer Fitness NI Gets a Big Thumbs Up” 

“I've been working with Mick for 3 months now and this review is long overdue! My goal when I started with Mick in August was fitness and improving my health As a full time working mum of a 1.5 year old and 3 year time is a precious commodity so Mick's ability to come to my house to save on a drive to a gym when the kids went to bed (which if I'm honest would never have happened) was the main attraction. Now three months in I'm loving the 'me' time I have when I'm training plus I've rediscovered my CD collection which for 3 hours a week transports me back to the White Isle circa 2008! Training never used to be this enjoyable. Importantly I'm feeling fitter and stronger. The game is upped at each session and I never feel unchallenged. My next goal is to rediscover my love of running which Mick can also help with should I need it which is great. Hammer Fitness NI gets a big thumbs up (or hands in the air!) from me!”

Nuala Watsony

 “Mick Pushes Me beyond My Perceived Limits”

“I have been training with Mick for over 3 months and I have lost weight and feel fitter and stronger. The most surprising thing is that I am actually enjoying the training sessions!! Each session is very varied and Mick pushes me beyond my perceived limits. There might yet be an athlete in me that I never knew existed!! I would thoroughly recommend Mick as a personal trainer - he is very professional and knowledgeable and he makes the workouts fun and varied.”

Lisa K

 “Great Results” 

“I'm a busy mum of 2 young boys, I wasn't eating properly, and moving up and up dress sizes. Cue Mick. Mick is friendly, fun, enthusiastic, and focused. He fitted straight into my schedule, coming to my home at a time that suited me - normally when the baby was sleeping, however we did have a session or two with my toddler snacking in his high chair. And I have been to Mick's own gym so there’s plenty of options.
“Straight away, Mick identified I wasn't breathing correctly when exercising, and we rectified this on the first session. Sessions vary each time. If you want to work on a particular area, he will tailor the exercises to this. I had full body workouts, tough but you are so motivated when you compare how you have improved from the first session.
“I have toned up considerably, am fitter, and have loads of energy. Post-session, you are on such a high, improving mental health too. Fantastic results, thanks Mick. I will def be booking further sessions in the future, maybe introduce me to running?”
Rosemary R-14

 “Investing in My Health is Money Well-Spent”

" Nearing 40 and my sedentary lifestyle was taking over - I was slipping into old bad student habits. I recently decided to change and make badly needed lifestyle changes. Enter Mick! I have been training with Mick for just over 6 weeks and have noticed a number of positive body changes...already! Not only that, my friends and family have too. Two sessions a week, and with correct diet advice from Mick, I have been able to make those changes needed for a better lifestyle.

“I don't like working out, but sessions with Mick are both structured, well-focused, and fun. They do always make me feel better. Mick doesn't let me talk too much as it deflects attention from me, clever man! Mick always arrives on time at my home with his mobile gym, including music. Ever enthusiastic and bouncing with energy, he frequently gets involved which I find a great motivational tool. In the 6 weeks with Mick, I feel slimmer, stronger, and, with those all important dietary changes, healthier too. I'm so happy with things and am looking to do 3 sessions a week. Money very well spent investing in my health."
Review on Google by Mr M. M
5-Star Review on Facebook

 “Really Enjoying the Variety during the Sessions”

"I'm halfway through a great value 12-session package with Mick and I am really noticing the results. I'm feeling fitter, leaner, and healthier and I'm really enjoying the variety during the sessions. Mick starts at your level and builds you up, helping you go a little bit further each time to achieve the results you're after!”
Robert M
5-Star Review on Facebook

 “HAMMER FITNESS NI - Without the hammering!”

“I did a 6 week course with Mick and couldn't recommend it enough. Mick was brilliant at motivating and inspiring me. He came to the house and was very flexible with my shift work and two young kids. He was always enthusiastic and really encouraged me to keep going. He kept in touch throughout the week with different suggestions for meal plans etc. Overall, I feel much fitter, stronger, I've lost weight, and feel back in control of my fitness. Thank you!"

Jude Smyth - 5 Star review on Facebook on 21st September 2017

 “Worth Every Penny!”

“Worth every penny! Absolutely love my PT sessions with Mick! He has such a positive attitude from the second you walk in the door and at the end of each session I can't wait to book in my next! Each session is different and he pushes me to a limit I never thought i could reach! I'm getting fitter, more toned and feeling better in myself. Highly recommend, worth every penny!"

Suzanne R - 29th June 2017

 “Best Decision Ever”

“Best decision ever!!! I wouldn’t say I hated exercise but I always found it difficult to maintain a routine and keep motivated. This is where Mick comes in. The fact that he is mobile and will come to a place that suits me is great. And that he doesn’t mind the early starts!! It makes me feel like I’m not giving up too much of my spare time. Mick’s sessions are tailored to suit my own needs and are always fun and a little different which keeps it interesting. He knows when to push me so I’m getting the results I want. To be honest it was actually my intention to just complete the 6wk induction then to go it alone but I realised how much I’d miss my sessions with Mick so he hasn’t got rid of me yet!!!! Best decision ever......feeling fitter than ever! Thank you so much Mick!”

Sarah R - 25 April 2017

 “Amazing Trainer”

“Amazing Trainer I stumbled upon Mick on Google when looking for a Personal Trainer who could come to my work as mornings or evenings at a gym just didn't suit my work commitments. He is amazing! I booked his 6 week introductory package and lost 10kg and dropped 2 dress sizes. I followed his nutritional advice and put 100% into every workout and can't believe the transformation. Mick comes to every session thoroughly prepared with a written plan of exercises for that day. Not only has my shape completely changed but I am SO much more flexible and I'm loving the extra strength I have built up. Even on days when I don't exercise I am still losing weight due to my raised metabolism. I can't recommend Mick highly enough. You won't be disappointed!"

Juanita Duke - 16th January 2017

 “Money Very Well Spent”

“Best PT i have used yet. Nearing 40 and my sedentary lifestyle was taking over, i was slipping into old bad habits. Enter Mick! I been training with Mick for just over 6 weeks and have notice a number of positive body changes...already! Not only that, my friends and family have too. Two sessions a week, and with correct diet advice, I have been able to make those changes needed for a better lifestyle. I don't like working out but sessions with Mick are both structured, well focused and fun. They do always make me feel better. Mick doesn't let me talk too much as it deflects attention from me, clever man! Mick always arrives on time at my home with his mobile gym, including music. Ever enthusiastic and bouncing with energy, he frequently gets involved which I find a great motivational tool. In the 6weeks with Mick I feel slimmer, stronger and, with those all important dietary changes, healthier too. I'm so happy with things I'm looking to do 3 sessions a week. Money very well spent investing in my health”

Mark - 19th November 2016

 “Results Already”

“Halfway through a 6-week programme. I was chronically unfit over 23 stone, hated exercise, never was sporty, and was seriously unwell at the start of February (life threateningly so). Expected to hate the training but saw it as a necessary evil, surprised when despite it being challenging and hard work, I really enjoyed the sessions.

“Mick mixed up the training, modifying it to my abilities, adapting exercises when I was unable to do them, still targeting the same muscle groups but enabling me to gain strength and flexibility. Meaning despite being only 3 weeks in feel stronger, more flexible, and I have already decided to continue on with 1-on-1 training once 6 weeks is up.
“Mick pushes me but not in a bad, over-aggressive, ‘macho’ way, he pays attention, and gives great advice for exercise novices like me. Helps with advice around exercise routines, equipment, and levels of exertion, I am happy to encourage anyone trying to get fit or make changes in their lifestyle to give him a try.”
4 Jul 2016